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Work frequency spark tester

October 14, 2020

Latest company news about Work frequency spark tester

This kind of power frequency spark machine is specially used for all kinds of parallel lines, flat lines and so on. The center height of the line is 1M±20%, which can be adjusted.


 Product parameters


1. Test voltage: 0-10kV
2. Center height of line :1 m ±15% adjustable
3. Electrode size: 30*120mm drum
4. Maximum speed of test line: GB 5=30-40 m/min
5. Maximum width of single strip inspected: 120
6. High pressure test electrode head: copper brush, carbon brush, roller
Ii. Implementation of relevant standards
Jjf1659-1999, VD0281, EN50356, BS5099, CCC, and other relevant national standards.


1.Detection sensitivity ≤600UA.
2. It conforms to American UL1581-1990, VDE and other relevant foreign standards.
3. Meet relevant domestic standards.

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