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Winding machine series

December 10, 2020

Latest company news about Winding machine series

QP-φ1600 large section intelligent circling equipment ( single-action, linked-action)



This equipment is used for the circling and bundling of big section cable (10- -240mm²),and it can work with haulage machine Meter counter is also configured

Technical Specs:

1. Max, rotative speed: 300r/min

2. Power of the host machine; 5HP (3KW)

3. Power of the frequency conversion: 4KW

4. High- accuracy meter counter: 0.1%

5. Width of circling: 50- 250mm (adjustable)

6.Diameter of circling bearing; φ180--250mm(adjustable)

7.External diameter of circling wheel:φ700mm ( customizable )


1. Φ630-Φ1000mm active pay-off machine

Adapt to bobbin flange OD diameter: Φ630-Φ1000mm, Φ1000mm, overall width 475-750mm, inner hole 56/80MM

Top shaft mode: no shaft top cone pneumatic top tight

Pay-off speed: MAX200 m / min

Clamp the bobbin: 0.75KW electric screw lift

Power: 4KW motor drive spool release line

Brake: 10KG electromagnetic brake

Maximum load capacity: 3000 kg


2. Vertical tension storage Accumulator/Dancer

Total height of 2 meters;

The storage line volume is 0-15 meters, and the storage line wheel is Φ400mm (4 groups + 3 groups);

Adapt to the wire diameter: 0.5-10mm2 hard wire, Ф15mm soft wire;

Guide wheel material: aluminum alloy material, surface hardening treatment;

Control mode: The sensor gives a 0-10V voltage signal to control the speed of the line.


3. Meter counter

Form: one-way stop;

The surface of the meter wheel and the pressure roller adopts a rubber wheel to ensure that the wire is not damaged.


4. 400-630 shaftless winding machine

Adapted to bobbin flange OD diameter: PN400-PN630, coil width 280-475mm, inner hole diameter Φ56mm

Applicable line speed: 200m/min

Top shaft mode: no shaft top cone

Clamp the bobbin: electric screw lifts, the upper and lower limits are safe and reliable

Cable: GP30 rolling ring drives, adjustable pitch. Wire winding : 10N.M torque motor winding wire

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