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What should be done for automatic knitting machine assembly

January 4, 2021

Latest company news about What should be done for automatic knitting machine assembly

For certain parts of automatic knitting machine, such as spindle support and sliding seat, the accurate distance between sliding seat and lower spindle braiding line must be guaranteed after disassembly or replacement of new parts.
It is recommended that a sliding frame and the attached upper ingots be placed to run on the sliding turntable so that the anchor braiding line will not be hooked or cut off from the swinging rod to the braiding point.

For coarse adjustment, put spindles on the two adjacent external spindle supports, guide the braiding line to the braiding point by swinging rod, and tighten it.
When the braided wire enters or comes out of a slot in the slide wheel track, the distance to the edge of the upper spindle slide frame must be approximately equal.


Distance adjustment can be achieved by changing one or more gears of the gear frame forward or backward.


If the precise adjustment distance cannot be achieved by moving one tooth, fine adjustment can be made according to the following steps: loosen the five fixing screws on the inner tooth ring. Since the hole is elliptical, fine adjustment of the sliding frame can be realized by moving the inner tooth ring. Tighten the screws after the adjustment is in place.
The rest of the slide racks are uniformly placed on the sliding ring track. If the swing height of the braid is different after the new swing bar is installed, it should be adjusted so that all the swing bars have the same stop point.

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