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The maintenance of wire and cable equipment

October 14, 2020

Latest company news about The maintenance of wire and cable equipment

The maintenance of wire and cable equipment shall be clean, tidy, well lubricated and run safely.

1. The operator is responsible for first-level maintenance. Whoever is responsible for the use shall be responsible for the maintenance and maintenance, which shall be supervised by the supervisor and the equipment maintenance personnel.


2. Clean and tidy the area around the machine at any time. No oil, water or materials or products falling on the ground shall be allowed.


3. Wipe and clean the surface of the machine and maintain the machine well. The first thing I see is whether the surface of the machine is always kept clean, whether the tools are placed in accordance with regulations, and whether the objects should not be placed on the surface of the machine.


4. Refueling lubrication: lubricating oil or cooling oil shall be added according to regulations, and it shall be frequently checked whether the oil feeding system (oil circuit) is smooth.


5. Machine fasteners: during the operation of the machine, if there is abnormal sound or vibration, the fasteners (screws, nuts) should be checked and tightened regularly.


6. Loose belt: If the transmission belt is loose or deteriorated during use, it should be replaced.


7. Brake switch: Are all brake switches in working order?


8. Safety device: Whether all the safety protective doors, safety bars, safety covers, safety switches and limit devices of the machine are intact and effective.


9. Bleed air drainage: Pneumatic equipment shall drain water regularly every day and bleed air when off duty, and keep the oil cup adequately measured.


10. Routine inspection, lubrication and maintenance shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of "Test Standard" and "Five-fixed" chart and equipment point card for equipment lubrication.


11. According to the requirements of the spot inspection card, the operator must do "Three good" and "four meeting";
Namely manage, use well, maintain well;

Can use, can check, can maintain, can troubleshoot.

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