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High frequency spark tester

October 14, 2020

Latest company news about High frequency spark tester

Working principle of high frequency spark tester


The high frequency spark tester is a kind of high precision instrument used to detect whether there are pinholes and broken skin in wires and cables, etc. It can quickly detect the conductor defects without destroying the electric conductor.
High-frequency spark tester adopts the principle of lc oscillation of fixed frequency test voltage, will wire applied voltage to 2500-3500 times of the test, the sample (s) of movement through beads electrode under pressure, under the condition of the sample (s) in the grounding conductor, when try product insulation defects will produce sparks in the insulation, so as to detect defects, suitable for all kinds of wire and cable, electronic wire, electronic line side by side, FFC flexible ribbon cable online high voltage spark test.


Advantages of high frequency spark tester


With the continuous growth of modern production equipment technology speed, as well as the improvement of users' requirements for wire quality, high frequency spark tester has obtained unprecedented broad market prospects.
From the above table, it is not difficult to see that the high-frequency spark tester has many advantages that the power frequency spark tester does not have. For example, in terms of detection speed, the high-frequency spark tester is almost 5 times that of the power frequency spark tester. Therefore, in the future wire on-line detection equipment, the high-frequency spark tester will become the first choice.

Parameters of high frequency spark tester

1、 Detection voltage: 0.5kV to 15kV (two groups of commonly used voltages can be preset) 
2、 Detection frequency: 3000Hz to 3500Hz (sine wave) 
3、 Electrode head type: string of beads

4、Maximum allowable line speed :3067m/ min 
5、Power supply: 100/120/200/240V AC, 50/60Hz, single-phase 150VA

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