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Diameter Measuring Instrument selection

October 6, 2020

Latest company news about Diameter Measuring Instrument selection

Laser diameter meter is an optical instrument which uses laser to measure the diameter of workpiece or material. It is a headache for many people to choose which model to choose from to buy a laser manometer. In order to facilitate the selection of users, with the editor in this simple understanding of the selection of several key points:

1. The user needs to tell us what kind of product we are going to measure the outer diameter of the product? Cable lacquer wire or what is it?

2. The size of the outer diameter of the product under test? What is the smallest outer diameter? What is the largest outer diameter? We will introduce a Yidang range according to the two values of the user.

3. What are the accuracy requirements for the instrument? The accuracy of laser diameter measuring instrument is generally in U class, and the accuracy of each star range of each brand is not the same. It is necessary to select a holy meter to meet the accuracy according to the apparent range.

4. Are there any requirements for repeatability accuracy? What are the requirements if yes?

5. Is the laser diameter meter purchased in the laboratory or in the assembly line? The guide wheel supports required for different occasions are different.-be sure to clarify them in advance. Moreover, if used in the field, you can also choose to match the trolley, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, so that you can cut the cost of investment,-a laser Xingxing instrument with a trolley can be used wherever you want to push it.

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