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Braiding machine maintenance

January 4, 2021

Latest company news about Braiding machine maintenance

Now the weaving equipment has been successfully used in many places, usually specially used to weave clothing, rope, elastic belt, etc., but it is worth mentioning that its long time of use, is bound to wear may malfunction, so daily do some large and small repairs are necessary, and we need to remember some important aspects.


1、Braiding machine repair is to remove the parts of the mechanical braiding parts, arrange and clean them, and replace the parts that are expected to be damaged before the next major repair, and then install and adjust them according to the minor repair requirements, usually about 24 months after the normal operation of the braiding machine.

2、During the major repair, all mechanical parts should be removed, thoroughly cleaned, worn parts repaired, and parts that have exceeded the service life cleared. Then, comprehensive installation and adjustment should be carried out in accordance with the major repair requirements. Major repair is usually carried out in the normal operation of the great round machine for about 96 months.


3、At the same time, the main goal of key maintenance is to remove the dust and flying flowers in all parts of the machine, clean the knitting machine parts and replace the damaged parts, etc. The weaving machine mainly based on cotton yarn is in normal operation for about 6 months, which requires key maintenance of the mechanical weaving parts.

4、Knitting is given priority to with chemical fiber yarn, can be in normal operation 12 months or so key maintenance, specific operation is to impeller, cook's ingot, tension springs, such as down, the platform, bearings, such as clean, reinstall again, cook's ingot (horsehead, bobbin) to adjust, until boot operating normally, and ensure the quality of the fabric.

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