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Binding wire tying machine

December 11, 2020

Latest company news about Binding wire tying machine

This equipment is suitable for AC power cord, DC power cord, USB data line, earphone cable, RC& cable, video cable, HOMI high-cleaning line and other transmission lines, such as wrapped iron core wriggling into bundles, can also be used for tape and other coating iron core sealing. This machine can reduce the fatigue strength of employees, improve work efficiency, save tie and other characteristics. Employees only need to put the wire in the winding port and automatically wound the wire, and then put the wound wire to the ligator, and the machine can tie the wire automatically. This machine can set the length of wire, the number of cycles, the number of coils, the speed of winding, and can count in production. This machine adopts PLC program control, the text display carries on the parameter setting, the operation is simple and convenient.


Specefic parameter

1. Wire-feeding mechanism: LR4GN18K motor 1 set

2. Folding and cutting mechanism: LR2GN10K motor 1 set

3. Twisting wire mechanism: a set of stepping motor

4. Winding mechanism: adopt a set of stepping motor (110 step)

5. Control system: PLC + touch screen (maintenance control)

6.Sliding guide: Japan NSK

7.A set of self-made racks and cases

8.Two sets of relays and one set of Omron sensors

9. A set of power transformer power supply system

10. meter counting mechanism: the principle of pulling rotary encoder

11.Wire arrangement mechanism: reciprocating row rack using step rack

12.The important installation board adopts CNC computer gong CNC machining center

13. The processed parts are strictly in accordance with the engineering design, milling machine, grinder, lathe, wire cutting and heat treatment. Fitter and electrical installation and commissioning.

14. The line fixture is equipped with a set of round fixtures and a cylinder baffle mechanism.


Components of the equipment


1. Storage line tension pay- -off shelve With lever for rising/downing the wheel, it is more efficiency, Tension is invariable, angle of rocker arm shaft drive the braking lever; 2. Electronic meter counter point sample is installed on the wheel of meter counter; 3. Initiative Wheeled Cable Drum Shelve The speed of circling is controlled by frequency conversion; the length of circling can be preset by meter counter, The equipment will be stopped after the preset length reached.


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