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Multi - Function Copper Tube Straightening Machine 100mm With 22 Wheels

Product Details:
Place of Origin: High Speed Wire Straightening And Cutting Machine
Brand Name: qipang
Certification: SGS
Model Number: φ70,10R+3+380V
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Minimum Order Quantity: MOQ≥1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden bag
Delivery Time: 1-7 Working Day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000PC/month
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Detail Information

Features: Wire Rod Straightening And Cutting Machine Material: Copper Pipe Straightening Tool
Colour: Wire Straightening Cutting Machine Product Keywords: Welding Wire Straightener
Weight: 10 Kg Brand: Sheet Straightening Machine
Application: 10mm Line Size: 400mm×130mm×130mm
High Light:

drill pipe straightening machine


metal tube straightener

Product Description

Diameter 100 mm 22 roller two groups of traction wire Straightener 380 Volt voltage

Wire Straightener Straight Solid line 10-13 mm​

Straightener: a device involved in straightening the wire before it is processed is the last piece of the finished wire. It acts as a straightener, but its role is not only straightening the wire.

Straightener: A device for straightening steel wire before it is processed. Heating and straightening can meet the requirements. Straightening is the process of plastic deformation. The straightener on the laminar generally has 7 rounds or 9 rounds. Each three wheels can be seen as two edges with sloping plates. The longitudinal section shape of the static rubbing plate, its groove depth is from the depth to shallow and finally disappeared. Its working principle is that the pressure drop gradually decreases, so it can also be adjusted very straight. Its disadvantage is the reciprocating movement of the rubbing board, there is a blank course, and the production efficiency is not high enough. Although it is possible to use the emergency effect of the biased crank slider mechanism shown to reduce the space loss, due to the high quality of the moving rubbing board and the reciprocating motion, the inertial force generated by it is not easy to balance, which limits the improvement of the machine's operating speed. Therefore, productivity is still not ideal.


2) Planetary roll straight. The straightening machine's moving plate becomes a roller, which makes a continuous rotation movement. The static plate becomes an arc member, and the upper slot is also shallower and eventually disappears. This scheme not only corrects the rods very straight, but also has a high degree of automation and productivity.
3) Roll the rod with a flat press. The advantage of this method is that it is simple and easy to use. The disadvantage is that the material is not straight because of the rebound of the material.
4) Roll the bar with a slot press. Taking into account that "correction must be too positive", the static rubbing board is made into a shape with a slot, and the cross section of the moving and static rubbing board is made. In this way, it is possible to straighten the bending rods, but it is also possible to bend the straight rods. It is not ideal.
5) Straighten with a pressure bar. A similar mechanical device is designed. The straightening machine passes through an electric motor. On the one hand, the rod material is rotated. On the other hand, the pressure drop of the pressure rod is gradually reduced through the cam to achieve the purpose of straightening. Its advantage is that the rods can be adjusted very straight; The disadvantage is low productivity, loading and unloading rods need to stop.



Copper Tube Straightening Machine Parameter:
Straightener line Specifications: 10-13 mm
Straightener line material: low, medium and high carbon steel wire, copper wire, tungsten molybdenum wire, welding wire, wire, etc.
Straightener wheel diameter: Φ100 mm
Straightener wheel groove type: V groove, R groove
Straightener wheel Quantity: 22 rounds
Straightener line form: single group: horizontal straightener; combination: vertical + horizontal or pneumatic alignment.
Straightener wheel is adjusted to: integral integral opening + single alignment wheel independent movement adjustment
Wire straightener Total quality: bare metal 9 KG, even packaging 11KG
Wire straightener size: 18 wheels, two pieces: length 398mm × width 130mm × height 130mm

Copper Tube Straightening Machine details:



Type JZQ4-6/14
Machine roller Diameter 47mm
Length * width * height 350 mm × 120 mm 120 mm
Weight 9kg (not including the wooden box )
Distance to install screw holes 85 mm
Distance between two wheels 26 mm
Roller thickness 7 mm
Mounting roller screw diameter 7 mm


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Multi - Function Copper Tube Straightening Machine 100mm With 22 Wheels 0Multi - Function Copper Tube Straightening Machine 100mm With 22 Wheels 1


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