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Cotton Silk Thread Polyester Yarn Bobbin Winder Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai
Brand Name: QIPANG
Certification: CE certification
Model Number: QP01
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: MOQ ≥ 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 1-14 working day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 800 PC / Per month
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Detail Information

Rope Cone Coil Winding Machine: Yarn Machine Winding Machine Traverse Winder Rope Cone Coil Winding Machine Color: Blue And Red
Voltage: 220/380V/0.18KW Other Name: Cotton,silk,thread,polyester Yarn,nylon Winding Machine
Size: 210*70*140cm Weight: 350kg
Application Industry: Textile Industry Winding Tolerance: 2000-5000
Spindle: 1/2/4/6/8 Themol Dingshape: Cylindricat And Conical
Customozed Speed: 1000 R/min Winding Spindle Length: Y 1m-10000m
High Light:

Polyester Yarn Bobbin Winder Machine


Cotton Silk Thread Bobbin Winder Machine


8 Spindle Bobbin Winder Machine

Product Description

           Winding And Reeling Machinery Cotton Silk Thread Polyester Yarn Bobbin Winder 

Product presentation

1. Double points tension control system with micro motors, uniform yarn tension. It is appropriate for high speed waxing winding and easy to operate.)


2. This machine can be set the length of winding; when there is broken yarn it will stop automatically; when yarn is fully filled it will also stop; also it has the function of slow start.)


3. It is widely used to wind cotton yarn, chemical fiber, filament, low stretch yarn.


4. High-speed creel with gas spring, which can keep constant winding pressure. The creel is stable and reliable. And it will make the loose bobbin be suitable.


5. The machine has the device to protect yarn, our adjustable block yarn sheet metal can prevent the yarn be a mass.


6. This machine assemble with grooved drums(0°,3°30’,4°20’,5°57’,9°15’), this kind of Ni-P alloy grooved drum has optimized groove shape which have the advantages of good wear resistance and static elimination.)


7. We use brush-less DC motor with longer axis, it is convenient to adjust the speed of single spindle


Introduction of System

System Components

The system consists of brushless DC driver board, operating box, broken yarn sensor, connecting line.

System Function

Control the start/stop and speed of brushless DC motor.


System Features

1.Single spindle slow start:Smooth acceleration of the yarn winding , in order to prevent the yarn is broken. Start-up time can be set for each spindle.

2.Automatic calculation:By using brushless DC position to calculate the length of the winding.

3.Speed Monitor: Each spindle of the linear speed can be monitored.

4.Adjustable speed: Each spindle can be set at different speeds.

5.Auto stop: When the sensor detects broken yarn, the yarn signal will shut off automatically. (With a maximum of six broken yarn sensor)

6.Set yarn length: Unification or independence can set the length of the wound yarn spindles. Stop the motor when it reaches the set length.

7.Parking brake: Minimal downtime is 2 seconds. Can less unwanted yarn.

8.Yarn detection delay time, the response time of the yarn breakage can be set. Slow start to meet hank machine ring.

9.Electronic anti-stack: Each spindle can be configured with different yarn anti-stack parameters.

10.Winding speed: speed coefficient is less than 1, the winding speed decrement operation. It can make yarn outside the tight and inside loose (generally used for loose winder).

11.Auto waxing: waxing motor drive on board, power supply: AC220V.

12.Parameter Storage: Parameter automatic storage

13.Automatically suppress power supply ripple when turned on, the motor from overload detection and self-protection.

  • During operation prohibit touching brushless DC drive inside. Containing high-voltage circuits, danger! If you need to check, please make sure that you have turned off the power at least 1 minute.
  • Make sure that the motor housing and the winder body reliable connection. When the motor is working for a long time, its shell will be induced electromotive force. If the yarn winding has worked a long time, it can produce static electricity, if the motor and the body cannot be reliably contacted winder motor and machine experience to produce pressure will cause the motor charging and electrical system interference.
  • Make sure the system is properly wired. Please strictly follow the wiring diagram wiring accessories, attachments to several commonly used currently winding brushless DC motor wiring, please refer to when the motor wiring error that could cause the motor does not start, it may lead to rate fluctuations will also cause abnormalities
  • Specification:

    Model Specs Range Initial Value Specifications
    QP-01 Length 10-999999m 999999 You can set the length, when the length of yarn reach the number, it can stop itself.
    QP-02 Perimeter of grooved drums 0.1-0.5m 0.254 Settled:254
    QP-03 Anti-overlap speed difference 0-150m/min 0 This parameter can be set according to the actual use of anti-stacking effect, the bigger the better, the line speed is less than 25m/min failure, 0 is off.

Cotton Silk Thread Polyester Yarn Bobbin Winder Machine 0

Cotton Silk Thread Polyester Yarn Bobbin Winder Machine 1

Cotton Silk Thread Polyester Yarn Bobbin Winder Machine 2

Winding And Reeling Machinery Nylon Wire Polyester Filament Fishing Nets Bobbin Winder

Packing List


No. Name Quantity Remark
1 Textile machine 1 standard
2 Instruction book 1 standard
3 Circle knob insulator 1 standard
4 porcelain 2 standard
5 Wax disk 1 standard



Maintain and troubleshoot

Dear customer, thank you for purchasing our winder machines. In order to make the machine work in a long term, please keep the dally work according to the followings.

I.Dally maintenance project

  • Clean the oil pollution and mixed yarn on the surface of machine;
  • Clean the yarn and cotton on the tension system and waxing plate;
  • Clean the yarn in&out of electrical box and fan filter;
  • Clean up the mixed yarn on the both ends of mechanical arms;
  • Clean up the mixed yarn on the both ends of grooved drums
  • Clean up the dirty things on the electrical blower;


II. Monthly maintenance project

  • Open the front panel to clean up the mixed yarn or dirty things.
  • Take the lubricating oil on the bearing of traverse motor.
  • Check the dexterity of chunk plate.
  • Check the abradability of polyurethane chunk plate.
  • Check the dexterity of drum and motor system.
  • Clean up the yarn or cotton on the electric blower and guide rail.
  • Check the electrical circuit (especially grounding circuit).
  • Clean up the wax in the grooved drums.

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