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Aluminum Wire Three Bar Rolling Ring Drive With Three Roller Wire Guide

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Shanghai
Brand Name: qipang
Certification: CE
Model Number: GP3-30C
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: 142 USD per unit
Packaging Details: Carton, wooden box
Delivery Time: 1-4 working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 units per month
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Detail Information

Name: Qipang GP3-30C Three-bar Rolling Ring Drive Keyword: Rolling Ring Drive
Warranty: 1 Year Model: GP3-30C
Material: Aluminum Alloy Or Cast Iron Weight: 3-6kg
Size: 550mm*95mm*400mm Color: Sliver Or Blue
High Light:

ring traverse drive


uhing traverse units

Product Description


Qipang GP3-30C aluminum wire three-bar rolling ring drive with three-roller wire guide




Technical parameter:

Model-rolling ring drive d1 d2 L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 H1 H2 Md keyway
GP3-15 15 15 430 14 70 - 36 - 75 15 M8 5*2.5
GP3-20 20 15 450 15 84 - 45 30 90 15 2-M8 5*2.5
GP3-30 30 20 500 18 125 70 57 40 105 20 2-M8 6*3
GP3-40 40 25 800 20 160 80 55 40 120 25 2-M10 8*4
GP3-50 50 35 1000 22 220 130 58 40 160 25 2-M10 10*5
GP3-60 60 45 1200 25 220 150 58 40 180 25 2-M10 10*5


Technical characteristics of the folding device series GP3

Model-rolling ring drive Shaft diameter, mm Max pitch, mm​ Maximum thrust,N Max strength, kg
GP3-15 15 11 110 11
GP3-20/22 20 16 160 16
GP3-30/25 30 25 260 26
GP3-40 40 32 420 42
GP3-50 50 40 700 70
GP3-60 60 48 1000 100

Aluminum Wire Three Bar Rolling Ring Drive With Three Roller Wire Guide 0

1 - folding carriage; 2 - roller bracket; 3 - vertical roller; 4 - horizontal roller; 5 - smooth shaft; 6 - support bracket; 7 - guide rail; 8 - hairpin; 9 - restrictive nut carriage stroke; 10 - bolt for adjusting the distance of m / s rollers; 11 - keyway under the pulley


The principle of rolling ring drive                                                                                                                                                   

The principle of operation of the folding devices is based on the transformation of the rotational movement of the drive shaft into a linear movement of the folding carriage on a smooth shaft in two directions using the interaction of friction forces between the drive shaft and the collars of the ball bearing mechanism for switching the stroke of the folding carriage.


QP rolling ring drive - Understanding Rolling Ring Linear Drives                                                                                              
The technology has many advantages over conventional devices, but is not for every application
Rolling ring linear drives are used worldwide, to meet a variety of positioning and reciprocating linear motion applications. These linear drives convert the rotary motion of a smooth, threadless shaft into linear output at fixed or variable pitch.
Typically, in turn, reduces overall operating and maintenance costs, and permits uninterrupted production for longer periods of Time before the system needs to be stopped for adjustment.

A rolling ring linear drives operates on an unusual but simple procedure. It runs on a smooth case-hardened steel drive shaft. The threadless shaft passes through a series of rolling ring bearings situated in a load-bearing housing, or nut. Rolling ring bearings should not be confused with standard ball or roller bearings. In a rolling ring bearing, each ring has a specially contoured inner race that bears against the smooth shaft. The rings are set at specific angles relative to the shaft (see the following picture).

Aluminum Wire Three Bar Rolling Ring Drive With Three Roller Wire Guide 1


QP rolling ring drive - Easy to adjust pitch:                                                                                                                                  

The pitch, or distance the nut moves per a single shaft revolution, is adjustable by changing the angle of the rings relative to the shaft. This is accompanied by a pitch control — usually a lever or a dial — on the housing.

Rolling ring drive manufacturers can design a linear motion system to permit pitch adjustment without slowing down the motor, and without making any other adjustments to controls. This is a production-boosting advantage should pitch adjustment become necessary during a production process. The system continues to operate while the operator tweaks the pitch to meet requirements. This feature helps rolling ring linear actuator users to maintain peak, or near-peak, production rates.

Easy pitch adjustment also permits using pitch control to govern linear speed. Instead of using a more costly variable-speed motor, users can employ an economical single-speed motor. Changing the pitch setting of a rolling ring drive changes the linear distance the nut travels per shaft revolution. The end result is that the nut traverses faster or slower while being driven by a single speed motor.
Typically the smooth, unthreaded shaft will not trap dirt and debris. This generally eliminates the need to incorporate a protective bellows assembly. Furthermore, it virtually does away with the “jamming and churning” that result from particles getting caught in the threads of a screw-based system. Such churning can damage expensive equipment and result in downtime for cleaning and repairs.


QP rolling ring drive - Maintenance is simple:                                                                                                                              
After periodic shaft lubrication, there are no routine maintenance procedures required with rolling ring systems. Over time, the wear on the drive shaft will make it necessary to replace it. However, rolling ring linear actuators pay for themselves in time savings and lower maintenance costs well before significant maintenance or replacement is required.
A mechanical lever affixed to the rolling ring drive's nut is automatically "flipped" when the nut contacts its end stop, which may be adjusted to determine the length of the traverse before reversal. Because no electronic controls or gear systems are involved, design time is less, maintenance is reduced, and operation requires no special training or skills.
The work issue is one of merits consideration. The workhorse nature of these drives permits longer periods of continuous use of production machinery, which in turn helps make processes more productive and more profitable.


Our main products are: GP15/20/30/40/50/60 rolling ring linear drive, XD series traverse unit ,guide rollers, wire roller guide, and its accessories.

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