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7mm Auto Coaxial Wire Cable Peeling Machine Semi Automatic

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: QIPANG
Certification: SGS
Model Number: QP-06F
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: RMB/USD Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 1-15 Working Day
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Stripping Diameter: 0.3-7mm Length Accuracy: 0.02
Max Stripping Layer: 6(9 Layers Customized) Blade Material: Imported Blade(2)
Input Voltage: 220V / 50HZ 450W Drive Mode: Motor/ Ball Screw Drive (Japan)
Trapper: Automatic Self-aligning, Motor Drive, The Clamping Process Control
High Light:

Coaxial cable peeling machine


Coaxial cable peeling machine


7mm wire peeling machine

Product Description

0.81-7mm2 Auto Wires Harness Coaxial Cable Stripping And Peeling Machine


Coaxial line stripper: especially suitable for processing coaxial line, such as: router antenna, audio line, laptop data line, etc.
This wire harness has three layers or more than three layers of protective layer, and generally adopts the metal mesh layer to shield signal interference, processing accuracy is very high, manual almost impossible to complete the processing of this wire harness. Coaxial line stripper adopts rotary blade for rotary cutting, which can accurately strip out each layer, up to 9 layers, with high precision.


Working principle: the wire head passes through the inlet, and the wire is transported to the catheter through the inlet wheel and the inlet clamp wheel.


Then, when the tool rest part rotates in place according to the input parameters, and the program rotates in place according to the input tail length, the tool rest motor rotates counterclockwise, and the blade is driven by two connecting rods to cut off the wire skin, and the outlet wheel rotates to pull out the tail skin.
At this point, the tool rest motor rotates clockwise to release the blade, and the incoming motor rotates counterclockwise to cut off the outer layer of the wire.

At this point, the incoming motor rotates clockwise to pull out the outer cortex.
After pulling out, the incoming and outgoing wheels rotate counterclockwise at the same time, counting and rotating according to the length of the line input by the user.
When the length gauge data is in place, the rotation stops, the blade moves again and the wire is cut.
Therefore, the automatic wire stripping process is completed and the automatic production process is repeated.

Through continuous automatic stripping process, users can meet the requirements of stripping, cutting, twisting and other processes.
The automatic wire stripping machine has high precision and fast speed, which can meet the production needs of enterprises.


Technical innovation of coaxial cable stripper

1. Adopt four positioning pieces to locate the cable to avoid the discovery of cable deviation;

2. The initial position of the positioning piece and the blade under the non-contact cable is the same as the distance between the center line of the cable to ensure the positioning accuracy and cutting accuracy;

3. The clamping force of the clamping claw can be controlled by input data of the control unit, which is simple and convenient.
It has been well received since it was put on the market in 2009.


1.The wire warp straight into the rotary tool rest for the first cut.

2.Then send the wire to the feed nozzle through the feed wheel bearing to the V-shaped tool rest, and begin to strip the wire head.

3. After the end of the wire is peeled, the feed nozzle is lifted to block the feed of the wire inlet wheel and the bearing of the wire outlet wheel will send the end of the wire to the tool rest for peeling.

4. After completion, the bearing of the outlet wheel feeds the finished peeling wire harness through the outlet and the feed nozzle drops to begin stripping the second wire harness head.


Model Stripping diameter(mm) Max stripping length(mm) Stripping accuracy
QP-06F 0.3-7 48 0.02
QP-06F-2 0.5-10 60 0.01
QP-06F-4 0.5-15 85 0.01


7mm Auto Coaxial Wire Cable Peeling Machine Semi Automatic 0

7mm Auto Coaxial Wire Cable Peeling Machine Semi Automatic 17mm Auto Coaxial Wire Cable Peeling Machine Semi Automatic 2

7mm Auto Coaxial Wire Cable Peeling Machine Semi Automatic 3

7mm Auto Coaxial Wire Cable Peeling Machine Semi Automatic 4

7mm Auto Coaxial Wire Cable Peeling Machine Semi Automatic 5

*Wire stripping machine:
Wire stripping machine and can be divided into semi-automatic wire stripping machine, automatic wire stripping machine and automatic wire stripping machine, automatic wire stripping machine is also called computer wire stripping machine, general by a step motor or servo motor drive, controlled by PLC and single-chip microcomputer programming, in order to ensure that in the process of using precision and service life, I recommend you to buy some imported motor parts, such as wire stripping machine,
It can cut the wire according to the specified length, two ends strip the wire, and there are many enhanced models.


*Laser stripping machine: refers to the use of laser stripping to cut the protective layer of the metal wire, is the new application of laser in material processing.
According to the characteristics of the wire, the wire can be divided into CO2 laser peeling machine, YAG laser peeling machine, CO2 laser peeling machine is mainly used for peeling non-metal outer layer and insulating inner layer, YAG laser peeling machine for peeling metal shielding layer, the combination of the two to form a complete peeling scheme.


*Waste cable stripper: the waste cable stripper is a special equipment for recycling the waste cable. It can separate the copper core of the cable from the insulation layer and recycle it separately.
Usually, a blade is used to cut the surface of the wire, and then a roller is used to extrude the wire skin and the copper core, which effectively improves the recycling efficiency of the waste cable.


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