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Wire pay-off machine

November 6, 2020

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I am Lilith, from Shanghai QiPang Industrial Co.,Ltd. Thank you for visiting our platform.

We are a factory specialized in wire pay-off machine for over 10 years.

TC series pay-off device:

1.With belt brake function

2. The standard optical axis is 30mm diameter and the bearing capacity is 30KG.

3.Suitable for different size bobbin (compatible with a variety of inner hole bobbin).

4. Good stability, there are 4 fixed screw eyes below.

Standard configuration Select configuration Square steel, it is strong A. meter counter (set the number of meters to stop and alarm) 1 pair of tapered tips (compatible with a variety of inner hole bobbin).

B.magnetic powder tension device (to match The production line, so that the speed is constant, will not strain your wire.) One power distribution cabinet include the power supply and Frequency converter). Adjustable speed (about 120N turns per minute, other speeds can be customized) 4 fixed expansion screw eyes in the bottom Anti-slip device at the top, bearing 30KG Precision rolling ring drives 220V Power(could customized)


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Lilith Deng


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