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In the exhibition

November 6, 2020

Latest company case about In the exhibition
1. Install the bracket.
On the upper part of the folding carriage (Fig. 6) there
are four threaded holes that are used to install the
bracket with guide rollers or other auxiliary equipment.
2. Regulation of balance (clearance) of the guide
Regulation of the carriage (Fig. 7) is provided with the
help of guide rollers (C and D) and guide rail (A). If the
distance between the two rollers does not match the
width of the rail, then loosen the bolt on the lower
guide roller (D), rotate the nut (B) until the
appropriate clearance for the carriage stroke is
www.shqipang.com3.Step controller of the folding carriage.
The divisions from 0 to 10 on the scale (A)of the folding
cage (Fig. 8) are used [to establish the step of the carriage.
To establish the desired value, it is necessary to press on
the indicator (B), oT-dividing it thereby ot the scale, and
set the required value .
Fig. 8
4. Handle free movement.
GP3-20 The handle (A) must be in a weakened state.(Fig.9)
(position “0” horizontally), when installed on a smooth
shaft (B). When the arm is in a weakened state, the ka
retka can be freely moved along the smooth shoes in any
direction. To bring the machine into working condition,
you need to return the handle to the vertical position
(position “І”)
5. The direction of rotation of the smooth shaft
(fig.10, 11.1, 11.2).
The direction of rotation of the smooth shaft (C)
is associated with the position of the trigger (B)
(reversing mechanism). If you want to change
the direction of rotation of the shaft, you must
reset the trigger position to 180 °.
6. Adjust the axial pressure of the bearings.
There are two nuts on the folding carriage for adjusting the axial pressure of the bearings: one on the
upper part in the center (fig.12) and the other on the lower part on the left (fig.13). A slight turn of the
nut changes the pressure force on the bearings. If the pressure does not match the required value,
adjust the two nuts to the appropriate condition.
Nuts should be well tightened, do not turn them unnecessarily! The nuts are already adjusted at the
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