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Auto cable circling equipment

December 11, 2020

Latest company case about Auto cable circling equipment

High speed Automatic Cable circling Equipment Series (lever-type)



This equipment is used for 0.5-6mm² cable and small section cables’ circling and bundling.


Main Features

1. Loading and unloading pay -off wheel by lever –type: cantilever

combination guide wheel for, braking system with lever mechanism

2. With guide wheel and swell strength for automatically composing orderly and nice looking normally 30-40 seconds per circle.

3. Easy bundling and take out, more efficiency


Technical Parameters:

Model A Type B Type
Release form Electric or passive Electric or passive
Release form ≤630mm ≤800mm
Cable way Automatic cable Automatic cable
Number of wire grooving 3 groove 3 groove
Wire tie height 30-100mm 30-100mm
Wire tie outer diameter ≤310mm ≤400mm
Wire inner diameter φ115mm-φ120mm-φ125mm

φ130mm- φ135mm-


Host revolutions 0-500RPM/min 0-360RPM/min
monitor rate 2.2KW 4KW
Production per shift 700 t / 8 hours 400 t / 8 hours
Loop diameter


RVV,RVVP: <8mm

SYV75-3, SYV75-5 Coaxial


RVV,RVVP: <12mm

SYV75-5, SYV75-9 Coaxial

Meter counter Electronic high precision (adjustable length of meters) Electronic high precision (adjustable length of meters)
Upper plate device Lever type Lever type


Mounting Method:

Steps: Unlocking handle-carry down bearing-fix continuity-rising cable wheel-lock handle. The design aims to improve the security of heavy wheel in high-speed running.


Components of the equipment

1. Storage line tension pay- -off shelve With lever for rising/downing the wheel, it is more efficiency, Tension is invariable, angle of rocker arm shaft drive the braking lever;

2. Electronic meter counter point sample is installed on the wheel of meter counter;

3. Initiative Wheeled Cable Drum Shelve The speed of circling is controlled by frequency conversion; the length of circling can be preset by meter counter, The equipment will be stopped after the preset length reached.

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